Brilliant Kweku Adoboli becomes 1st African jailed Rogue Trader

For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. 14 But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it. Matt 7:13

As a Nigerian who grew up witnessing violence and abject poverty, life is a struggle, you struggle to leave day to day and appreciate everything no matter how small. You live in hope of a better tomorrow and through suffering you become streetwise, knowing what you can risk and what you cannot in the fear of not loosing it all.

One thing I noticed in this Country is kids here grow up with everything they need all dropped into their laps, they don’t suffer or work hard for a pair of shoe, or having to hawk food early in the morning before you are allowed to go to school. They are unappreciative, greedy, selfish, arrogant and always impatient about living life. They are unable to distinguish between reality and the glossed over fantasy life shown on TV.  They are surrounded by fast paced get it now technology, from the remote controlled TV to microwave to PlayStation  Ipads etc. They assume they can have their cake and eat it at the same time.

They think they are machos, by joining street gangs, sell drugs, gang rape loot stores, smash police cars, until they finally end up in prison.  The same pattern is what we see in the life of the rich kids, typically isolated from the harsh reality of life. They live their life as if the world is theirs to toy with, they have these false believe that they are smarter than others.

The reality of it is that they are gullible because of their lack of experience of life and the evil manipulators who prey on kids minds. Take the Nigerian International Abdul Mutallab, who was recruited in while studying Engineering in ity College University here in London became a human bomb flight carrier, his failed attempt ended his life having been sentence to life imprisonement in the USA

Today its 32 year old Ghananian Kweku Adoboli, who allowed the banking corporate traders use him as a risk taker blindly turning their eyes so he can make money for them, the more he enjoyed the bonus returns, the fast life, flashy cars, champaign etc the more risk he took at the expense of his life and reputation. Today he is isolated in his crime, even though many turned a blind eye, it was Kweku’s fingers that were stuck in the pie. The reward.. a lengthy prison sentence.  hence the good book says:  Wealth gained dishonestly dwindles away, But he who gathers by hand makes it grow.Proverbs 13:11

Here is hoping he has learnt his lesson!

A rogue trader who lost £1.4bn in bad deals that nearly brought down Swiss bank UBS has been jailed for seven years for fraud.
Kweku Adoboli, once a rising star City trader, was found guilty by a London court of the biggest fraud in British history.
At one point, he had stood to run up losses of £7.5bn for his employer.
The 32-year-old admitted to the bad trades, but denied any wrongdoing.
He wiped away tears as he sat in a glass dock at the back of the courtroom while the jury delivered the verdict.
Adoboli was convicted of two counts of fraud by abuse of position linked to the £1.4bn loss, but jurors cleared him of four counts of false accounting between October 2008 and September 2011.
Judge Mr Justice Keith, sentencing, told Adoboli: “There is a strong streak of the gambler in you. You were arrogant enough to think the bank’s rules for traders did not apply to you.”
“The fact is you are profoundly unselfconscious of your own failings.”
He sentenced Adoboli to seven years for one count of fraud and four years for the other, to be served concurrently