My Big Fat Nigerian wedding!

If you are based here in the United Kingdom, specifically London like I am, you couldn’t have missed the channel 4 TV hit series ‘My Big Fat Gypsy wedding’. The Gypsy has what the Nigerians call a nomadic life, living in caravans and moving from time to time, their way of life is sometimes frowned more due to mis conception of their lifestyle. In the midst of all this however is the biggest fairytale weddings you can ever imagine, more like what you see in Disney films, from pink horses to 50feet trail wedding gowns showered with Swarovski crystals.

This month CNN showcased Nigerian weddings ‘My Big Fat Nigerian wedding’. Over the last 10 years Nigerian weddings have revolutionized into a big booming industry, no longer is it an ordinary event where you went from church to reception and back home. Now everything has a touch of professionalism to it, mostly adapted from the western cultures, from American to European wedding market.

We now have professional wedding planners, makeup artists, head tie experts, professional wedding photographers like Atunbi, wedding dress designers like koshiba and even wedding website designers helpbuildmysite.  I personally love the fact that it showcases Nigerian culture, our rich heritage and the grand array of colours and innovative ideas to blend two worlds together, Africa flavoured with western style!.

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