Nigerians I am so ashame!. University students burnt alive over a laptop. horrific video

For this people’s heart has become calloused; they hardly hear with their ears, and they have closed their eyes. Otherwise they might see with their eyes, hear with their ears, understand with their hearts and turn Matthew 13:15

My dearest readers, I write this blog tonight with a very heavy heart, with water streaming down my face and my body seriously trembling at the utter horror of what I have just watched in the video attached.  How could my country that I carry with such pride and joy contain people like these wild animals, uncultured, uncivilised, unruly, insensitive, non compassionate and barbaric in nature, where exactly is this ‘Aluu community’ in Rivers state?. Have they never heard of civilisation, law and order, do they not have an authority figure, where are the police of this town?.  Have these people got no conscience, have they got no children of their own, no brother, no sister, no family?. Have they not heard of the ‘law of karma’? Have they not heard of ‘Justice’?, are they not religious at all to have the fear of God in them.

How can a whole community stand and watch four young beautiful sons and brothers who have all their lives ahead of them, students in University, educated and intelligent be dealt with in such levity. A dog cannot be killed like that in the western world, not to talk of a human being.

How can they strip these kids naked, put tyres round their necks and burn them alive for stealing a lap-top!. How much is a laptop for God’s sake, is it worth a life? Why are people allowed to take laws into their hands? where is the local government? where are the police?

Yet we have politicians embezzle millions and billions of dollars and they are celebrated. May God forgive these people for these sins, however, I know one thing, that what ever you sow you will surely reap and not just in his generation but from the first to the fourth generation, will be treated the same way they have treated their brothers.

Nobody is perfect and I bet these accusers and tormentors have done worse things before. I pray the government find these people and bring them to justice. I hope the government will also look into this awful tyre lynching and have a zero tolerance to such hideous acts.
I can only pray that the souls of these young once taken in such horror will find peace IJN.
Four young University of Port Harcourt students (all in their early 20s) were yesterday tortured  and burnt alive by indigenes of Aluu community, in Rivers State in hazy circumstances.

According to accounts, five students who are members of a cult went to the community to carry some sort of cult activity when they were accosted and arrested at around 5.30am by vigilante group in the community that has a recent history of armed robberies.

One of the five escaped, while the four others were taken before the community leaders who passed judgment on them, after which they were tortured and burnt to death.

There were reports that the Police made attempts to intervene but were rebuffed by the villagers. 
These guys-identified as Ugonna, Chidiaka and Llyod-are said to be 200 level students of UniPort who went to steal in the community in the wee hours of the morning, but met their water loo when somehow, the members of the community alerted each and were able to apprehend them before they could escape.

It is reported that during the operation, a villager was shot, and this further angered members of the community leading to the eventual untimely death of the alleged robbers.

The alleged robbers after they were caught, were beaten-as depicted in the picture above-then set ablaze, before the police could intervene.

At this point, I must say,that the idea of jungle justice is completely wrong and unacceptable. Many people have been victims from mistaken identity, and their lives wasted for no reason.

Even more sad is the fact that people were watching while these guys were beaten to death. Why not just apprehend them and hand them over to the appropriate authorities???A lot of Nigerian sure need re-orientation. 

Date360 Contacted a student who witnessed the whole act and he gave us Full details about what happened. According to him, The Students involved are Cultists, They went to Attack Someone, they were about 5 in number, , so on their way out, A girl saw them and screamed, these alerted people and they attacked them.. One of them escaped and the remaining 4 were caught with Weapons and beaten by a man [Though they were already helpless and weak after being attacked by the crowd] , Hitting them Mercilessly and bringing them to a slow and painful death.. The man later Got Fuel and poured it in their mouth and lit it., Burning one student!, The man was stopped with the arrival of the police so he couldn’t burn the rest, they were later taken to the mortuary where the families of the deceased Came to claim the corpse…

The news about Stealing of Phones, Laptops, e.t.c are all Lies, probably in a bid to Stall Investigations.. Since they said they were mobbed!!..

The name of the Students are Ugonna, Ilyod, Tekana and Chidiaka