19yr old Nigerian Teen, Victoria Osoteku, found guilty of murder in the UK


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Teen Victoria Osoteku was said to have armed a mob for the “execution” of a schoolboy at Victoria tube station has been warned she faces years behind bars. Victoria Osoteku, 19, was this week convicted at the Old Bailey of manslaughter following a five-month trial. She had protested innocence and denied deliberately kicking the victim in the head. 
The jury found her guilty of killing Sofyen Belamouadden, 15, from Acton, a bright pupil and promising footballer who was attacked on March 25 2010. Osoteku, from New Cross, was convicted of manslaughter and conspiracy to cause grievous bodily harm.
Sadly a lot of Africans or might I say Nigerians abroad are having a lot of problems when it comes to parenting. Parenting in UK is not like the parenting I got when I grew up in Nigeria. I remembered in those days, all the elders in your neighbourhood are your guardians, you do something wrong, they will punish you first and then report you to your parents. It is always, is that your book!? Go and carry your book, you naughty child, do you want to disgrace your parents!
But in the UK it is vice versa, it is you and your child AND no discipline whatsoever, you are not allowed to chastise them and the funny thing is those kids who were not born in the UK but brought over from Nigeria are the worst, they will tell you, I know my rights, most of them are wayward, useless and uneducated since in the UK, you are promoted with your age group, there is no fail and repeat like it is in Nigeria. So you have 16year olds coming out of secondary school with no qualifications, they cant even write their names.
Another factor is the marriage culture, which gives more advantage financially and paternally to women, so you end up having 70% of the Africans abroad from single mother homes. They have to go to work some from 5am to 12mdnight, some do night jobs, unaware of what their kids are up to, leaving them to groom themselves, they then join gangs, loot the neighbourhood, Nigerian kids are now into armed robbery, gang rape etc, which never was.
What is my advise, I really don’t know the solution, except that the Nigerian community needs to come together to address this situation before it really gets out of hand.
I pray our children will not bring us shame!