Nigerian Bishop Sentenced To 7 Years for child abuse of her 6 kids! or child snatching by Social services?

This week has been a sad one for Nigerian parents in UK, the greatest nightmare of any African parent here in The United Kingdom is having social services involved in your home affairs. While I agree that if these couple are truly guilty of the offences of child abuse, especially the ‘witchcraft syndrome’ many Christians label their children when found to be unruly and encouraged by Church pastors. I find it hard to believe that Christian Bishop Gloria and Chiwa Musa, the mother with six children can abuse and torment their ‘blessings and gift from God’ with such levity as described by the social workers, Haringey Council, who were heavily criticized for mishandling Victoria Climbie’s case, the little girl that died of witchcraft child abuse.

Two cruel parents convicted of a decade long campaign of abuse against their six children were jailed for seven years each today.
The couple, who claimed their kids were possessed by evil spirits, were found guilty after Coronation Street star Michelle Collins gave evidence against them.
They beat their children with brooms, hoovers and wires and even gave their baby a morphine overdose just days after her first birthday.
The plight of the children was so bad that Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins, who met them at a church lunch, took them to the cinema ‘because she felt sorry for them’


The fact that the witness against them is a London TV actress Coronation Street actress Michelle Collins does not help their case. One of the things I disagree with is telling children what their rights are, you will easily notice these kids. ‘Oh you have no rights to speak to me like that’ Oh you cant touch me, I know my rights’. ‘I will call the social worker on you’.

What eventually happens is the child becomes unruly, nonchalant and eventually get expelled from school, mix with bad gangs and end up in Juvenile prisons. Which is why most parents send their kids back to Africa for some culture learning, understanding our values and respecting elders.

For one, children are often taken from African parents and placed in Forster homes managed by white families, eventually they loose their African heritage, move from one home to the other leading to absolute failure or get adopted and name changed to an English name.

Victoria Climbie

I wonder what the lot of these 7 children will be.  Here is what I came across:
Nigerian Bishop Gloria Musa[1] and her husband Joseph Chiwar Musa were found guilty of having drugged their then youngest child in a secret Family Court hearing on 28th November 2011. Gloria overheard the President of the Family Division say to the Officer of Haringey Police “they must not get bail”. Two bail applications have been refused, since they were imprisoned at the Family Court.

Their first five children were taken by eight Haringey Police officers in April 2010, without any legal paperwork. Ten days later, a letter was produced[2] that was supposedly written by the eldest daughter. This letter is now said to have been lost by Haringey Police. Other allegations followed, such as the mother being a sex worker. A DNA test proving the father to be the same for all children, was artificially delayed for months, while contact sessions with the children were being cancelled or ignored, even though the parents had to travel to Kent. A judge had ordered for the children to be ‘cared’ for in the London area, but it is typical for Social Services and Local Councils to act above the law.
In fact, three hours after the birth of the sixth child, nine police officers showed up in hospital, strangled the mother, puller her arms and legs, took the baby and left her unconscious, with permanent injuries on her leg. Since the baby ‘failed to thrive in care’, she was returned. A specially ordered vaccination seems to have caused the temperature that made the parents take her to hospital. There she was administered ketamine, a drug that shows up as opium in the blood. Sir Nicholas Wall, the President of the Family Division, said “professionals don’t lie” and came to the conclusion that, “on the balance of probabilities”, the parents must have drugged the baby. Since then, Prof. Ireland published her widely published report[3] about the lack of qualification of ‘expert witnesses’. read more