Every Overseer should be put in prison! – Tunde Bakare drops it like its hot! ‘Blown out of proportion’ says Pastor Ashimolowo. watch videos!

Pastor Tunde Bakare the controversial radical, politician and pastor of Latter Rain, Lagos is what the Nigerian ‘pastorpreneurs’ and their likes will call a pain in the bum!. From Dr David Oyedepo, Pastor Oritsajefor, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Chris Okotie, Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy to UK’s Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo etc.

These Americanised business model, personal wealth acquisition pastors are the new wave pastors who believe their is nothing wrong with the masses going downhill on the poverty scale while they fly up the
multi wealth ladder built on ‘milk the poor dry’ formula.  It is now the Spiritual vogue in thing, for a ‘man of God’ to not only build the most lavish marble waste absurd buildings in the land of poverty, but ride luxurious limousines, hummer jeeps, merc, bmw’s etc, to italian designer wears, designer $30,000 dollar watches and now the cherry on the pie wait – private jet!.

I can just see Jesus Christ of Nazareth born in a donkey stable get accustomed to this new way of life, afterall we don’t live in the stone age era any more,  we are now living in the 21st century and well.., Jesus Christ just has to wake up and smell the coffee, get use to the new way of life, afterall there will always be poor people no matter what you do on earth. Abomination I will say and the muslims will say, Blasphemy!

But then you might disagree just as the £1 million pound annual salary, no tax payer, Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of KICC, also a global pastorpreneur.

Hear both sides and lets get your opinion on board