Instagram to Instant One Billion Dollar cash!

A yoruba saying goes ‘ where my head is going to make me wealth, may my legs take me there’!. I am always amazed when I come across unbelievable stories like that of Instagram .

Instagram founders Mike Krieger, left, and Kevin Systrom whom for fun created a free photo sharing application for mobile phones and before their 2nd year of launching, wham bam! soup don drop! Facebook bought them for 1 billion dollars!. When they call this money you will think it is water, can you imagine, 1 billion dollars.  I just wonder why someone in my family didn’t think of it first. It sure means anything is possible to Him who believe.

So you techie guys out there, the dot com business is looking for you, I am certainly going to try my best to see if I too can get a slice of the multi billion dollar market. It sure will be nice if we can put some African faces up there with the Mr Bill gates, Mr Steve Jobs, Mr Zukerberg etc!

All I say is Watch this space!