Christian Obodo player for Italy’s Udinese football club rescued from Kidnappers!



Its definitely a sad case when you hear time after time, good innocent citizens of Nigeria, people of Influence, affluence, stars and footballers kidnapped for ransom by young hooligans, who like to milk the innocent and their family of their hard earned cash all in the name of greed. Thank God Nigerian police got it right this time.
 According to Linda Ikeji’s blog ‘ news reaching me now, Christian Obodo was this evening rescued by men of the Nigerian police force. The footballer, who was kidnapped yesterday morning in Warri, was traced to Isoko, just outside Warri, Delta State. No ransom was paid and most of the kidnappers were arrested.’

Obodo former super eagle midfielder, the Kidnappers had demanded $187,500 from the family, a player for Italy’s Udinese football club abducted in the country’s oil-rich southern delta, police said Sunday.  Gunmen seized Obodo on Saturday as he arrived in front of a church outside the city of Warri, one of the major cities in Nigeria’s Niger Delta, local police spokesman Charles Muka said. The kidnappers made contact with the international football player’s family in Warri shortly afterwards, making their ransom demand, Muka said.

Congratulations to Nigerian Police and the Obodo Family!