The Evil that men do…Husband strips wife naked in Market!

How can a husband be so cruel, inhumane, callous and criminal to publicly violate his wife’s human rights, stripping her naked and publicly humiliating her, this is truly barbaric. To make it worse bystanders just watch   , where is there sense of compassion, are these Christians, Muslims etc. Such hypocrisy, it makes me cringe.

How I wish someone will charge this guy to court for assault and battery, what an insult to womanhood and what a disgrace and shame on the people standing by in the picture, I wonder if it was there sister they will still stand and do nothing!

Thank God I was born a woman! and unlike a transgender, wouldn’t for the life of me know why girl would want to be a boy. Bible says the heart of the man is desperately wicked, who can know it!.Jer17:9

Why would a man, due to jealousy, disfigure his girlfriend, pour acid on her face and permanently destroy her life.

Why would a man make a law to stone a woman to death for adultery, while the man in the relationship goes free

Why would a man marry a woman and then cover her up like a mummy, so no one else can appreciate the beauty of God’s workmanship and man her irrelevant to society and live at the mercies of his handout

Why would a man kill his own daughter because he believes she has brought shame to the family name, as if her live is worthless and could be snuffed out like a chicken

Why would a man marry one wife and sleep with a thousand more, yet if the wife does likewise with one, she gets, humiliated beyond imagination.

All I say is God forgive them all!