Ministers plan major immigration crackdown

Theresa May, the Home Secretary, is planning a major immigration crackdown on tens of thousands of people who “abuse” family visas to settle in Britain, according to a leaked cabinet letter.

The letter from Mrs May to Nick Clegg, which has been seen by The Sunday Telegraph, proposes a tough new minimum income of £25,700 a year for anyone seeking to bring a spouse, partner or dependant to the UK from outside the European Union from June – almost double the current threshold of £13,700. The minimum income would rise dramatically – up to £62,600 – if children are also brought in.
With the economic downturn in United Kingdom, people being laid off by the masses, according to the national statistics in the last 3 months 28,000 has been laid off, taking the total unemployment figure rising to 2.67 million. Every job offer has at least 200 applicants applying for the post. Cleaners now have to tender C.V’s and that is if the immigration police don’t come to check their I.D’s at 6am in the morning for a £6phr two hour job!. Or the stop and search when you get out of the train station.!
A lot of households has no income earner with the illegal immigrants suffering the most. Some have resorted to living on the streets, some in the shops when they are closed, with no legal documents they are unable to apply for benefits, thereby putting them and their family in jeopardy.  Yet amazingly I see more and more, Africans, in particular Nigerians selling all their possessions, leaving their lucrative jobs to come to England. They seem to disbelieve and see you as the enemy of their progress if you dare to suggest that UK is the last place for them to come.
I hope in the light of this new law they will think twice before boarding the plane as the UK of then is not the UK of now!.