Mayor Boris Johnson prophesy in Christian Festival of Life!

Over 50,000 people landed in Excel 20th April 2012, they all gathered just for one purpose, to worship God with songs, drama, dancing and praying. The theme of the day was ‘Arise and Shine’!, present were a lot of dignitaries, from the Evangelical Alliance Spiritual Leader Dr Steve Clifford, Gospel Singer Muyiwa from Riversongz and Special guest London Mayor Boris Johnson.

You all remember that a couple of months the Mayor challenger Ken Livingston visited the North London mosque and promised the muslim community to make Islam a beam of light in the community and I gave 5 reasons why as a christian you should deter from stamping your approval on such candidate. Mayor Johnson thanked the Christian community for their positive input into the community, he said their commitment were not unnoticed and said he believed that after his tenure, very soon a Christian believer from the gathering will be elected as a Mayor to London.

The General Overseer Pastor E.O. Adeboye prayed for the Mayor and said the Mayor’s prayer was no ordinary request but prophetic!.  As a Christian I believe it is essential we all vote this May 3, there are two choices to pick, your main candidate and a runner up. I personally encourage you to vote for a person who has the same principles as you. For me it is Mayor Boris Johnson and Christian People Alliance if they have a candidate. A shout out was also made to those who haven’t signed the ‘save our marriage‘ petition by Pastor Agu of Jesus House

This year was titled a year for Jubilee, a year of celebration, as the General overseer celebrated his 70th birthday 60 years of RCCG and 60th year of the Queens Coronation. He declared that it is a year of wonders, miracles, signs and blessings. Testimonies of the Lord’s wonder working hand was shared, from people with different ailments that were healed and a broken marriage of 17 years that came back to life through the help of ‘facebook’!.

Above all, it was a truly fulfilling day, my only one comment is if any of my readers can please request that the organisers try and involve their TV audience and share the blessings with people around the world who couldn’t make it!.

We wish Daddy G.O. may more years of wisdom, grace and good health. To the organisers of Festival of Life we pray that the grace to grow from 50,000 to 1 million will fall upon the ministry, that the name of the Lord be lifted across this nation where all nation will stand side by side to worship our King!.

To my readers I pray your miracles come forth speedily and like the G.O. said you will be among those to give testimony in the next  Festival of Life!

Arise and Shine!