Hollywood Actor, Isaiah Washington wants Genevieve Nnaji!… to win an Oscar

These two beautiful people are my favourite artist’s on earth, Nollywood meets Hollywood!(except for Denzel Washington!). Lady Genevieve is just the epitome of African beauty, she has this grace and eloquence about her, if I was into women, I would definitely want to marry her!. I still think she had a fling with Majid, those kisses in Bursting out or Silent scandals are not the norm!. You can feel the chemistry there, hot, hot, hot!.

Well here is Isaiah Washington of ‘Love Jones‘ another must watch black film, falling for Genevieve’s charm as well and I don’t blame him!, who wouldn’t. I hear he is praying that Hollywood recognises my lady’s talent and bless her with an Oscar!. Both having acted in the much awaited film ‘Doctor Bello‘ .
I say Amen and Amen to that, after all, All things are possible to whoever beliefs!
Game on my lady!