R.I.P Remembering Dele Akinseye

R.I.P our dearest Dele Akinseye

King Solomon known as the wisest person whom ever lived said: There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven, a time to be born and a time to die..Ecc 3:2

One thing I know for sure like the African adage says: this world we live in is just like a market, one day we will have to return home. In essence no one stays forever in the shopping mall, some have a few items to buy, while others might have a huge list to cover.
As a Christian, we believe that everyone is born for a purpose, that is for an assignment and once it is done, well we return back home to our maker. Jesus Christ spent 33 yrs on earth and died crucified, but His purpose was accomplished ‘to redeem the sins of the world with His blood’. Hence He said on the cross ‘ It is finished’, once His mission was accomplished.
Today we are remembering our brother Dele Akinseye, or ‘Oborasta!’ who passed away in Maryland, U.S.A. 1st July 2012, from Liver Cancer.  He married Moji only a year ago.
While I personally haven’t met him, I understand through friends that he is a much loved man, good looking, smooth and full of life.  I have scanned through his facebook to have a feel of what Dele is like as a person and do share with his friends that indeed it is same to see a light so bright snatched out so quick.
He loved life, his power bikes and his impeccable taste in fashion. He will sadly be missed by a lot of his friends and family, Dele attended the famous Ondo Grammar School
My prayer is that the Lord should comfort the loved ones left behind and a reminder to us all, to always make haste in doing that which you have been called to do, your dream, your gifts, your talents. Remember always that YOU are the answer to someone’s prayer and they are awaiting you!.
Dele has done his part, blessed people’s life one way or the other and now resting in the the Lord, until we eventually join him. Dele may your beautiful soul rest in peace.
PS: please leave a comment to let us know how you remember him