Visas: UK To Screen Nigerians For Tuberculosis.

Travellers from 67 countries including Nigeria, will soon be screened for Tuberculosis (TB) before being granted a visa to enter the UK.  The pre-entry screening is expected to start in phased stages around July 2012.

The new rules were announced by British Immigration Minister, Damian Green on Tuesday, when he stated that the scheme is for migrants coming from countries with high incidence of tuberculosis. 

Under the scheme, all migrants coming to the UK for more than six months from the 67 countries identified as having a high incidence of TB by the World Health Organisation will need to be screened for the airborne infection before being granted a visa. 

Nigeria is on the WHO list of countries with high incidence of TB with an estimated 210,000 cases.

When Channels Television contacted the British High Commission in Lagos to confirm this new policy, the Press and Political Secretary of the Commission, Hooman Nouruzi in a signed statement, confirmed that Nigeria has been included in the list of countries where the immigrant will be screened. 

In his statement, Mr Nouruzi stated that “under the UK immigration rules the UK Border Agency can require visa applicants to undergo a medical examination for the detection of Tuberculosis (TB).” 

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