Pastor caught with Human skull! ‘Wants money by fire by force’

I have been accused by many to be an anti-christian or a lover of bad news when it comes to Pastors. Is this true, I say definitely Not True!. However, I am so irritated by the manipulation of so called ‘Man of God’ who are mostly get rich quickly, lazy people who see Church as the easiest avenue to amass wealth tax free. People are so gullible they believe anything that comes out of a ‘man of God’ without questioning its authenticity, does it comply with the word of God.


I watched a London documentary once about African Pastors and these where pastors from Togo whom they bugged his phone and related the conversation on TV. The ‘Man of God’ told this lady that there was a demon in her that is following her around and He needed to have intercourse with her seven times, before it comes out!. By the time the case came to limelight the man had done three with the girl!. So the girl dialled her on phone and said pastor has the demons come out yet, the pastor said it is not me that said you should sleep with me, it is the holy spirit!  At least I know Nigerians are too smart to fall for that!.

Well this time the pastor Michael Oyewole couldnt wait for congregation to bring tithes and offering, you know in these days of austerity, unemployment etc, church congregation are tightening their purses and the pastors are having to work, hard, shout or scream loud for anything to drop.!

Anyway Pastor took the black magic way and offered his church member a quick way to get money, human skull!  Can you imagine!. Nigeria we hail thee, haha!

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