Newsweek magazine cover: Obama first gay president

As if I knew President Obama’s decision to support gay marriage will leave a nasty taste in the mouth, more like when President Clinton went to China and a school kid was asked what do you know about USA, she answered ‘Monika Lewinsky!.

What legacy will the first black president leave, Newsweek magazine already have a halo round his head title ‘the first black gay president’!. What an achievement. This exactly was my concern when I wrote an article about him out this issue. I hear he is going round speaking to black preachers on his reason for going for gay.

However, the black churches have started their campaign with the theme ‘vote Jesus, not Obama’!
We already know that the Republican candidate Mitt Romney is against the idea of letting gays and lesbians serve actively in the US Military AND against gay rights including same-sex marriage.

The story has just more