Royal Wedding Anniversary, Hooray! it is one year today

Today, The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge celebrates their first year of marriage (Princess Diana’s Son, future King of England). It seriously was like yesterday for me, when me and my family were glued to the TV watching Prince William take Kate Middleton to the Altar. It was a glorious day. I remembered that when he got engaged to Kate he gave her his mother’s (Princess Diana) engagement ring.

I love the prince and his brother Prince Harry for they are every much a gentleman and a prince to the core. As an African, I wonder whether it is because of their royalty or their culture, to let someone whom rumour has it caused the death of your mum and still let them marry your father!. Ah tufia!, real abomination in Africa, for where!, It just cannot happen. Never have they said anything wrong about their stepmother Camilla, the woman who brought the downfall of their parents marriage. I remember when princess Diana came on TV and said there were always three in the marriage!.

A lot of things happen in the English culture that cannot happen in Africa. I am always amazed when i read of the history of King Edward who abdicate his crown for a woman Mrs Simpson and not a beautiful hot babe o, but a twice married old woman!, they said she was really good in the bedroom area!, so what is my question, you will leave your heritage for lust of the flesh. Nigerians will call it ‘edi’, ‘afise‘, meaning someone must have jinxed you, done voodoo on you and you must seriously be out of your mind to do such a thing.

Next question an African will ask is, what about his mother, what is she doing, have they gone to see the pastor, to do deliverance!.

Here is wishing the young beautiful Royal couple a blissful marriage full with joy, good health, lots of babies and harmony, May the love of God bind them together always and may continuously be a beam of hope and light to all. 

Happy anniversary Prince William  oh!, I mean the Duke and Duchess of  Cambridge, God bless you both!