Mother brutally beats her own baby watch video

What can trigger a mother to target her children and kill them one by one. Today we learnt about a mother  in an urban environment Wandsworth, smother her 2 kids to death, You might think it is a ‘white thing’ but going back years ago I remember a Nigerian yoruba ‘Alhaja’ taking her four children to a sports centre and drowned them all in the swimming pool when the centre was cold. I have heard of a Kenyan father who due to custody fight over the children, set himself and his two kids ablaze in their car in front of his ex-wife’s house.

How could anyone go through nine months of pregnancy, another 6 months of breastfeeding, the motherhood, the pampering and love shared and suddenly switch overnight to become the very killer who will snuff out the life of her own flesh and blood.! Africans will call it ‘edi, afise’, meaning abomination, under the influence of Demonic power.

One thing I believe is that as an African away from home, England or London generally is a cold city, it is inhuman in every sense, it is generally not a friendly town and its the first thing foreigners find hard to cope with. London is a town with a ‘mind your business’ code, you don’t speak to your neighbours, you don’t say hello in the train or the bus. Unlike Nigeria where you know everyone in your neighbourhood, you ask for salt to cook your soup from your neighbour, you play games with your friends on the streets and if you haven’t been seen in 24 hours, the whole street comes knocking!.

People die for months, a lady had died 3 years before anyone knew and it was when her standing order funds ran out and the council came to take possession of her property that they realised she was dead.
Depression, suicidal tendencies run high, even among Nigerian women, simply because they have no one to talk to, unlike back home where everyone is in your business.

I remembered when I went to visit a friend a week after delivering her baby, I found her sitting on her bed crying and staring at the baby, the baby wont stop crying, she was fed up, and couldn’t cope, there was no one to talk to, I had to take the baby off her and went for a walk so she could rest.

The other factor is irrational thinking, selfishness, ‘if I cant have them, then neither will you’, spitefulness and perhaps ungodliness. If you remember that children are a blessing from God with a purpose and you are only a care taker of the child for Gods purpose to manifest. By killing the child, in essence you are killing God, for He is the one that gave the baby life.

When you have no faith, no believe in a supreme power that you are accountable to you take decisions into your hand.

May the souls of the little children rest in peace, and may the abused children around the world find help IJN.

PS: this video is for the strong hearted only!