I love women, I will not be faithful to one woman – Femi Kuti @ 50..watch video

At least here is an African man who dares to say the truth. Why say you are a monogamist and have 100 concubines, or tell it as it is and let them know you are a polygamist, its sure not a sin and has been around from beginning of time.

What I cant fathom is a man professing faithfulness to one woman and then demean the sanctity of marriage as promised in the presence of God by sleeping with another. 

Foremost Afrobeat musician, Femi Kuti as never seen nor heard before, spoke about many issues in his life in an exclusive interview with Channels Television.
He spoke of his marriage “My marriage didn’t last because, my wife didn’t listen to me I told her I loved women. I like women around me and I will not be faithful to one woman.  My wife wasn’t comfortable with my fame and the women in my life and that was why we had to part ways”
Watch the video below for more on his marriage and affairs.