Kwame Ofusu 17 year old stabbed to death


Sadly another tragic story, a victim of gang crime. Kwame Ofusu-Asare was a 17 year old teenager who was discovered on early Friday evening with stab wounds in Adelaide Close, Moorlands Estate, Brixton. He and a friend were chased by two knife men, police said and stabbed to death, he died on the way to hospital. Kwame was a keen footballer and the proud son of Ghanaian sports Kweku Ofosu-Asare. Apparently like most innocent victims, he was chased and knifed down for no apparent reason.

This is a continuous sad story repeating itself daily on the streets of London, gangs of unruly culture, drop outs, youth offenders who have chosen a life of crime and pride themselves in it. Kids who prison has become a thing of prestige to, who lock-ups are a thing of acclamation, knifes and guns their trophies of self glorification.  Government laxity’s in juvenile law, its removing of power from parents,  has produced a breed of youth’s who have no value for life and ironically envious of kids who have everything going for them. Envious of kids with dreams, kids with the audacity to think great.

How could a 17 year old boy be chased and stabbed to death in the streets of London?. What are the government doing about it? according to citizens report UK, 80% of these killing are in the black neighbourhood. As at the time of writing the police had arrested four men.

It is time the black community rise up to this despicable culture and come up with a solution, it will be sad if all the bright stars and icons of our tomorrow are continuously snuffed out right before our eyes. Children are our heritage from the Lord and as an African saying ‘the glory of our head’.

We pray strength for the family of Kwame as they go through this painful season.

Rest in peace Kwame Ofusu-Asare.