Woman beats 16 year old foster son to death for stealing N50

In a country where child abuse is rampart, house maids are subject to slavery, cruelty and yet people always have a non chalant attitude, towards child abuse, afterall it isnt their own child. It is about time the Nigerian government step up to its responsibility. Had people interfered in this incidence before it was too late, perhaps a life would have been saved. The woman was stripped naked and made to carry the corpse of the dead boy around her area. The sad incident happened on Sunday on Amosu Street, Ijegun, in Lagos.

The woman known locally as Iya Anu beat her 16 year old foster son, Seubow, to death for allegedly stealing N50. Seybow was Iya Anu’s husband’s nephew.

According to neighbours, trouble started after Seubow lost the N1,000 given to him by Iya Anu to run an errand for her some days back. Angered by the loss which she claimed was theft, the woman refused to feed Seubow for over four days. When the teenager couldn’t take the hunger anymore, he sneaked out to buy gala one night. When Iya Anu found out, she accused him of stealing her N50 and beat him up, using a rod. She battered him for days until he gave the ghost on Sunday afternoon.  

After his death, neighbours rounded the woman up and made her carry the boy’s corpse to the police station. If only the neighbours had intervened earlier. This wasn’t the first she would batter him. The photo on the right was taken in June at a police station where Iya Anu was taken to after seriously battering the boy. No one came to his rescue and he ended up dying in her hands. Sad!