Russian Orthodox Church admits brushing over Spiritual leader’s 30,000 euros watch!

Have you heard the famous song by Ray Stevens, ‘if Jesus Christ was walking on our shores today, will Jesus be wearing a Rolex on His TV show?’ His lyrics are quite mind boggling and will make you question your pastor, especially with our own share of Nigerian prosperity pastors.  Well apparently it is just not the Pentecostals that like designer suits or Rolex watches.

The Spiritual leader for the Russian Orthodox Church was pictured wearing a 30,000 euros wristwatch!. Can you imagine how many people that will feed in India or Africa. Anyway I think the church office thought it was inappropriate to show such vast glamour of the hand of their spiritual leader Patriach Kirill that they used photoshop to edit the picture, however, as we say in Nigeria!, ‘as God will catch them’ they forgot to stamp out the watch reflection on the glossy table!. So they were caught out, hands down.

I can just Imagine Jesus cringing on His throne, who exactly is feeding the poor He says? I wonder is my answer!