Parents with Extreme Love – Autism BBC2

An African adage says ‘When you haven’t been to another mans farm, you will say that your dad owns the biggest farm in the land.! As a human race I find that we are so ungrateful, complaining about everything and anything. Have you noticed that it is the people who has nearly everything that complains the most.

Like the rich guy complaining that  he doesn’t like the shoe he got for his birthday, the other said I wish I had a shoe, my ones have holes in them and need changing the other said  I have been walking barefooted all around town, I have never had a pair before even if it was a pair with holes and the last guy said how I wish I had legs and I could work even without shoes.

As a Christian we believe God gives each individual the grace to carry his or her own cross and that He knows what is hidden to men. I have learnt like Job, King David etc in the bible not to ask the question Why? But to believe that God knows best and that no matter what He will never leave us, He says if your burden is heavy come to me, hand it over and take my strength, He is the one that gives peace.

Last night I watched Louis Theroux, BBC 2 moving documentary about children with Autism and I felt really ashamed of myself, how ungrateful I have been and tears streamed down my face. Seeing Children with Autism who couldn’t control their anger, who were in the world of there own, who caused their parents inner pain, watching their children growing with a incurable disability that ostracises them from enjoying life as a normal couple. There was a boy who kept smacking himself uncontrollably and yet his parents were dedicated and undeniably loving and caring to him. Another family had twins with Autism with different degrees of violence.

Yet in the face of all this turbulent life, even though it saddened their minds you could see the immense love they have for their children, the inner strength they have, the hope and faith they held on to, in spite of all, still seeking the best for them, not abandoning them, not abusing them but showering them with extreme love.

It angers me to then hear of teenage gangs taking to the life of violence, Nigerian teens stabbing people on the street, shooting young people with no remorse, no value for life.  Kazeem Kolawole, a 19 year-old Nigerian was sentenced to life for paralysing a 5 year old girl in a shoot out.

Every life is to be valued and appreciated for they are all gifts from God, I encourage you to watch the programme on iPlayer and take strength in seeing how the power of Love works. The dedicated teachers living their lives to see that these gifted kids make a life for themselves.

I thank God for the grace He has given the parents and teachers to reach out and share their love with these children. I pray that the Lord will strengthen them the more and give peace and healing to all broken Spirits.