Cant stop laughing uncontrollably! Dead corpse come alive in lift! watch video

I saw this video and couldn’t help laughing with tears rolling down my eyes uncontrollably!

Extremely Scary Corpse Elevator Prank in Brazil


Can you imagine been stuck in a lift with a coffin of someone you don’t know. As an African your head will be reeling, why me! which enemy of my progress has done this, perhaps its the witches in my fathers family that want ‘my enemy’ to go mad!.

And.. if you happen to be a christian, you will be pleading the blood of Jesus, binding and paralysing, calling holy ghost fire and speaking in tongues. And if you happen to be a mountain of fire member (MFM) ah!, fall down and die!.

If you manage to get out unharmed, definitely testimony and Special thanksgiving in Church on Sunday!.

Ha! Nigerians and their palaver

God help us all

enjoy video of the week!