Show me the money! Libya or Syria, Oil or People!

As a mother, a wife and a Campaigner for justice.  I am always chauffed and sometimes mesmerized or saddened in my spirit when I see injustice, greed, arrogance and prejudice been flaunted not by an individual but the elected government put in power to look after the welfare of its citizens and  British Government or might I say UK British Foreign Secretary William Hague.

There was once when this country stood for justice, pride itself on its moral standing, now its all greed, greed and more greed.  We now go where we smell Oil.  Yesterday it was Iraq, today its Libya Africa.  We support, elect and install rebels who can be used as puppets to satisfy our lust for Oil and the wealth it brings. We send in soldiers, war planes to kill massacre and destroy innocent lives, destabilise economy, livelihood, infrastructure. Under the camouflage of  ‘I am delivering the oppressed’!

lately we have seen the realistic evidence of the ‘recognised government’  by UK British Foreign Secretary William Hague hailed the Libyan rebels’ “increasing legitimacy, competence, and success”. The killing of Libyan rebel commander Gen Abdul Fattah Younes  among the rebels themselves.

Yet over here in our neighbourhood Middle east, Syria kills its citizens like flies, Hama bombarded by tanks and the ‘honorable government’ don’t intervene, my guess  No Oil, No Help!

I pray I am wrong in my assumption, because if it is true, then God help us all!