Oh! Prime Minister Cameron, Hear my cry!

This week for London and cities around and the UK as a whole had experience I believe a once in a lifetime public disorder in the worst context by the disgruntled youth of this Country. What ignited this mass flashmob hysteria is still unknown. So this thursday when Mr Bailey of the Guardian newspaper commented  in his article that ‘we are all responsible’ for this chaos. I had to reply and object to his comments.  see my comments below
‘This uncultured, immoral youth lifestyle going on in our cities I believe the blame is 100% on the government’s doorstep and on the past and current policy makers. As an African never have I come accross a youth generation of lawlessness, ignorance, stupidity, lack of respect all because policy makers have empowered them to believe that they are untouchable, they are the weak ones that need to be defended, smothered, pampared so much they become spoilt rotten, ill-mannered, uncultured, uneducated.
In schools teachers have no power and rather than deal with situations and blamed by the law, kids are excluded as young as 5 year olds from schools.
Parents have been disempowered, they cannot chastise, discipline their kids for fear of been branded as a ‘bad parent’ or worse have social workers take their children away.
Single mothers are at the highest number as it is financially better to be single than married, the more kids you have the more benefits you get the more tax discounts you get.
Married couples are penalised for staying married, no marriage tax benefits and if their income is over a certain threshold, they are doomed.  It is more advantageous to be single than married, financial benefits are non existent.
Divorced father’s are not allowed to parent their children once separated, depending on the mother, if the father is labelled as unfit then he gets no access to their children.
Religion is a taboo, Christians are criminalised to raise moral questions, a saying says, ‘ train your child in the way he should go and when they grow up they will not depart from it’ Our kids are not trained anymore, they get their training from the streets, from gangs, drug barons, etc.
Why bother cautioning a misbehaved child when as the adult you will end up going to prison.
Children become so lawless they end up in prison, where they get pampered again, oh! here is a playstation to keep you company, or why don’t you go to spain on holiday to unwind and deal with your inner anger!.
I have spoken to some kids who think prison is a good thing, they steal, vandalise, yet they get arrested only to be let loose by the courts. The Police has become an object of ridicule to them.
I believe this is just the beginning, we ainit seen nothing yet and if the law is not revamped, the goverment give power to who matters most, parents, teachers, police then the worse is yet to be seen’.