Discover Nigeria’s business opportunities: Dochester Hotel 30 July 2012


Nigeria Business and Investment summit 2012: This summit offers a platform for stakeholders, global and potential investors to explore the diverse sectors of New World Nigeria and the key investment opportunities it represents.
Register today and you’ll be able to explore partnering, investment and exporting opportunities with tens of thousands of business representatives converging on London for the games.
Exclusive benefits for businesses referred through New World Nigeria: 

• Network with UK and visiting business leaders
• Access database of 50,000 UK businesses
• Contact with over 250 intermediaries, such as trade associations
• Registration with the British Business Club to access global opportunities
• Membership of the London House Business Hospitality Programme hosted by the London Business Network 

Presenting New World Nigeria as one of the World’s most vibrant markets, the summit will also feature:

• Corporate Matching
• Executive Round Table Discussions.

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