Happy Fathers Day. . I wish my Dad will live forever!

Sunday is Father’s Day all around the world and ‘friend’ can I tell you this. Life will be totally unimaginable, unbearable and unthinkable, without my Father!. 

Baba! Isaiah Olanisimi Olonimoyo

My Dad – has always been the solid rock in my life, he is loving, generous,a joker but also a disciplinarian. As much as I loved my Dad, I was also scared of him. How could you let anyone report you to your dad!, to make it worse your class teacher, men you are dead. Just go to your uncle or aunties house and bring them along to go ahead of you to your house to beg your dad for being unruly or failing your exams in class.

My Dad – when we heard the horn of his car arriving back from work, we all dash to get our books and sit round the table pretending to study hard!. You come here, spell Hippopotamus!. I know you wont know it, bring your head, then he gives you a hard knock on the head, I always think he had created a hole on the head, I will hold it and check in the mirror to see if there is a hole there, it is so painful!

My Dad – If you have been a good child all the year and you get a good report, well you are definitely my Dad’s daughter. ‘when I was young, I always got 1st position in all my exams, you are taking after your Dad’s footsteps!’. You have to believe his word!, who knows it might not even be true.  Then he will put his hand in his pocket and give me £10!, go spend it on anything you want.

My Dad – when we start a new school year, he does our all school shopping and buys our shoes, he will buy shoes that has the thickest sole I have ever seen. There is no way it can ever rip, tear or get a hole, its an eternity shoe, until your feet actually outgrow the shoe. When a new shoe is in vogue, I will say to him, Dad I need to buy this new shoe, everyone in school has it except me, he will say OK. Is it not 6 months ago I bought you a shoe, go and bring it. Checking the shoe he will say, so what is wrong with this one, it still looks new. Then the story starts!, when I was your age, I didn’t have a single shoe, I walked to school till I was 17 years old and you are just 11 years, unappreciative and ungrateful, you better thank God I am generous to have bought these and be satisfied with what you have.

My Dad – He visited me in the boarding school every month and I will cry my eyes out, that I want to come home, he will say, do you want to be a doctor, a lawyer, do you want to be the president and even travel around the world, then you need to study hard. make me proud, make your family proud. It is a successful child that has many brothers, a failure is always an orphan

My Dad – when I was in secondary school, what is called boyfriend, that is an abomination!, so you want to get pregnant?, you want to go to a disco party, so you can drink and smoke, wear skimpy clothes, oh so you are now one of those disgraceful children who bring shame to their parents.

My Dad – when I was coming back to Europe, he cried, my God, my Dad crying!, never seen it in my life, that means he loves me whao!, face your studies when you get there, remember the home you left behind, remember the child of whom you are he said.

My Dad – Who was so proud when I got married and when I was pregnant will cook me beans my favourite food and bring it over to my house, oh I just thought if you didn’t feel like cooking!.

My Dad – Now an old man in his 70’s, he loves drinking his beer and playing with the grand kids who are unaware of how strict he was when he was young, He still makes me laugh, still encourages me, still comforts and still scolds me when I’m wrong.

My Dad – How I wish I was a millionaire, I would build him a beautiful Mansion in London and Nigeria!, I would buy him a flashy Mercedes Jeep and perhaps get him a beautiful young wife!(Haha!), to ease and soothe all his arthritis and help cook his favourite dishes with loads of cold beer and goats for his ‘Asun’!

My Dad  – Life is simply unimaginable without MY DAD!

Daily I thank God for giving me a wonderful father like you



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