The Sad Shame of the Catholic Church BBC2

The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.Psalm 12:8

Last week Tuesday, I watched with utter horror a BBC documentary titled  ‘The Shame of the Catholic Church‘. If you are a keen reader of my blog, you will know that even though I am a Pentecostal by Christian doctrine, I am a ferverant supporter of the Catholic Church. 

                    Cardinal Sean Brady


I love them for their principles and their Spiritual perseverance to preserve the integrity of God and stand for God’s principles.  I remember when Pope Benedict came to London and talked about the ‘agressive secularism‘ of todays modern society, the victimisation of Christians and the eagerness to blacklist them and label them as irrelevant and arcade. I also remember the good looking   Archbishop of Westminster Vincent Nichols who single handedly rose to the challenge to oppose the gay activists and their supporters for challending the institution of marriage.  I remembered the tabloid called him an old fool, but the old fool brought it to limelight, challenged the conservative government, wrote to all the Catholic Churches and told them to stand up and defend the ‘institution of marriage’ as a ‘man and woman institute’, today over half a million have signed the ‘coalition for marriage‘. Last night UK showed their anger by revolting against the  Government. The Coalition party lost unprecedently over 500 seats to labour party!.

Archbishop Vincent Nichols

Because of my support for the Catholic church, my Christian blog, Christian Speak Out! was hacked and closed down.  However, after watching this programme,  I began to question myself, perhaps these people are justified in their thinking.  Never in my whole Christian life have I seen  

such level of hypocrisy, conspiracy, wickedness and abuse of power.  How can a representative of God do something so abominable, so repugnant, so demonic with immeasurable levity?.
The bible says the heart of man are desperately wicked who can know it How can a man called to represent God and bring the message of ‘good news’ become the Demon, uncontrollable, uninhibited and unaccounted for.  To make it worse, the institution who are called to preserve the ‘word of God’ which saysThere are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil..etc.are the ones who cover up these hideous sins. A sin against the little innocent children.
Victim of abuse
It showed time and time again how Catholic Father’s took kids as young as 9 to 13 years and molested them over and over again both boys and girls, children entrusted into their care, being raped, abused and yet rather than strip them of their title, throw them out of the church and into the hands of police to be made accountable of their hideous sins and sentenced to life imprisonment for their abuse of power, kept silent!.  Instead of addressing the issues they transferred them to another diocese to continue their evil practice.
Pope Benedict
Can you ever imagine, one of these Catholic Father’s challenged and confronted by one of the victims had the audacity to report to the police that he was abused!. An African adage will say ‘God you are so patient’. It is times like this that I wonder where the God of Elijah is, to consume them all by fire!.
Father Brendan Smyth
I remember my Spiritual Mentor Pastor Sunday Adelaja once said, it is only in Christiandom that you will see a professor get out of his car, take his brain out and lock it in the car booth before making his way into the Church. If the preacher then says a white book is green, the professor says ‘it must be green because the man of God has said it is green’.  I wonder why that is, we live in fear to criticise the church, to challenge ‘men of God’s’ decision if we know it is wrong.  How can such large scale of abuse go on for decades without been challenged.
pastor Sunday Adelaja
The Vatican has also failed in its duties, by aiding and abetting, how can a boy tell a panel of whom his abuser is and his parents not told, the government not told, but all brushed under the carpet. Surely God is not in the midst of all this. How can they make Cardinal Sean Brady a spiritual Primate for all Ireland, A man who knew the truth yet did nothing about it, his reason, ‘because there was no law put in place’, what about the law of God?, which says such acts are an abomination before God. 
His refusal to resign is absolutely proposterous and does not paint the Catholic Church in a good light, If I was a Catholic I will question my relationship with such a Church. Is it such a person as this that you will count on as your Spiritual Father, God forbid!. It is such decisions like these that make people hate Christians and their hypocrisy.
I pray peace into the lives of all the abused men and women and that the Lord that restores and gives joy will bless them with His joy. May they be strengthened in their inner-mind to rise and shine above all.
Here is the link to watch the programme: It is not for the light hearted