Another waste of precious life! Duchess of Cambridge’s Nurse commits suicide over radio hoax call!

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen or look at the troubles we are in today, but on what is unseen, the future and our tomorrow. For what is seen today is temporary, like a wind subject to change, but what is unseen is our future ahead, our dreams our aspirations and this is eternal and permanent .2Cor 4:18

As an African growing up in an environment of poverty and struggle has it’s own benefits, you might agree or disagree, but this is a sad fact of life, you learn to be tough, you learn to strife for a better tomorrow, you learn to have faith and hope for a better tomorrow. 

Above all you believe as the Bible says that whatever situation you are going through, it is temporal, just for awhile, a short time, a season. It will surely blow over, pass away.

I have seen  and met people live in graveyards, on dumping ground, eating scraps, or take this country, the illegal immigrants, the sex slaves trafficked in bondage of their pimps, used as street prostitutes serving up to 20 guys a day! Yet they live in hope that the Light of the world that shines light into darkness will rescue them some day.

So sad to hear that what started as a practical joke meant to harm no one has ended up in a waste of a beautiful life. I still don’t understand how a mother of two can because of a job error which is no fault of hers, decide to snuff out the life in her, committing suicide. I still cant understand why people feel the answer to something they cant handle or get out of the situation is committing suicide, how are they sure that where they are going to the city of the dead is not far worse than the city of the living!.

If only people can seek help, speak out in time of fear and not be blinded by their pain, and deaf to reason, they will always realise that this also will blow away.

Nothing lasts forever!, So sad for the children left behind and her family at this Christmas season meant to be a time of joy. If only the hoaxers could foresee their tomorrows they would have known this was going to be a bad and expensive joke. I truly feel for everyone concerned and for the Duchess of Cambridge who is expecting her first child.

May her soul rest in peace and the Lord of Comfort bring peace and forgiveness to all concerned.(Amen)


Two DJs are being offered counselling after the nurse duped by their prank call to the Duchess of Cambridge’s hospital died in a suspected suicide.
Nurse Jacintha Saldanha was found dead days after taking the hoax call and putting it through to a nurse on Kate’s ward, who divulged private information about her treatment.
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge led tributes to the 46-year-old mother of two, saying they were “deeply saddened” by news of her death.