Toy Boy and Sugar Mummy Consultant wanted!

Wonders will never end, can you imagine ‘Sugar mummy Consultant’! Apparently men are in shortage and women are now ready to pay top price to get themselves a man!. Gone were the days when a woman was dined and wooed and adorned with gifts to get their attention just to say yes!. Is it that men are in shortage or that women are getting more bolder, more demanding that they are simply unsatisfied or unwilling to ‘submit’!.

Recently I was talking to a friend of mine who lives in the South east suburb of London and I was horrified to hear what goes down over there. Fortunately or unfortunately for me, I have to take the underground to work and hardly enter a bus to travel. I was told if I go on a bus ride, I will witness what the social life is when it comes to couples, there is a lot of single mothers who will go to any length to have a man.

They cook special dishes for them to attract them, shower them with money, clothes and free boarding, buy them clothes from Harrods, selfridges and even get a car loan for them, a new uncle for their children and then 6 months down the line, it doesn’t work out, the woman throws the guys clothes out and yep!, gets another freelance lazy good for nothing boy, who doesn’t work but lives off women, what is called a ‘gigolo’!.

The downside of this is that it affects the children the most, with no stable parent in their lives they are forced to grow up in their own, mother goes to work all day and night and kids are left to their own mischief. Now we have a new breed of Nigerian teens who are gangsters, killers, rapists simply put a menace to society.  The UK marriage law is partly to be blame, as power is given more to the woman, it is easy for a woman to discard of her husband on irreconcilable differences, the man gets chucked out of his house, gets a restrained order not to see his kids and what happens the kids grows with mum having different uncles, perhaps even child abuse arises with ‘uncle’ and the kid.

I recently heard of a story of a mother who normally works as a night shift nurse and has a teenager daughter, went off to work but had to come home a couple of hours later as she was unwell. Only to find her 15 year old girl sandwiched between two men copulating!. The mother went into extreme shock she collapsed with a stroke. Like Demi Moore and Duchess of Alba  with her scary plastic surgery , the end results always lead to catastrophe

Apparently it is not only in United Kingdom, South Africa has demanded for Sugar Mummy Consultants!

May God help us all!