Ghana – Happy Independence Day!

Ete-sen! members of the gold coast,I greet all my Ghanaian friends, brothers and sisters all around the United Kingdom, my fellow Africans in the Diaspora, I say happy 55th Independence day and like they say in Nigeria ‘you will take the gains of this land back home, by Gods grace.

I’m sure all Ghana people are walking tall with pride as the envy of the western part of Africa, the black star of Africa, discovery of Oil, visitation of Obama, even there football team is something to take pride in, Electricity, water, clean democratic government, they got it all.! The land of Kwameh Nkrumah, Jerry Rawlings, Kofi Annan and many more great men and women.

Gone were the days when I was young growing up in Nigeria, I remember during the   Rawlings era, when the whole country was facing economic crises, there was an influx of Ghanaians into Nigeria, like the foreigners who now take over the jobs in the UK, or should I say do the jobs the citizens wont do. Well Ghanaians were known to do any job and at a discounted wage to send money back home to feed their families, that was when the ‘ejika ni shop’ came out!. Mobile tailors, shoe makers etc even my school teacher was from Ghana and we thought it was cool to speak in their accent!.  ‘Have you finished your wek!(work).

Then there was an uproar and Ghana illegal citizens! were given 14 days to leave the country and pack there loads and go. Hence ‘Ghana must go’ bag was born.  Today the Ghana must go bag has even hit the high street fashion with Louis Vuitton using it on their catwalk!

Well, that is all now history, the Nigeria they left behind is rotting in fraud, with no electricity, no water, no free education and politics well lets say its a family business these days. Not to talk of the Boko Haram suicidal muslims, killing Christians and government officials nearly everyday.

Am I envious of you guys, you bet I am!, more strength to your elbows, may your rising star continue to rise and shine!

Ghana people! Happy 55th Birthday!