Four years today. Sweet Mum Ajisafe rest in peace!

December is always a month of mix feelings for me, it’s a month I celebrate and rejoice in the entance  of my Saviour Jesus Christ to our world, whom because of His message I became liberated, enlightened, empowered and saved.  He made me to become whom I am today. He is my Rock, my Strength and my Joy. I love Him more now than ever before.  I have been able to cope with my struggles, my pain because of Him, His words sooth my soul every time! He gives me joy like no other. My family and I celebrate His birth every Christmas with gratefulness and gratitude.


It is also a month of sadness for me as I remember my departed sweet, sweet mother. Mercy Ekunola, Ajisafe Olonimoyo R.I.P. My mum left us suddenly without saying goodbye. Death you know always come unannounced and unwelcome, for me it is a painful thing because my last memory of her is me quarrelling with her over nothing. Every year I go over it in my heart, had I known it was to be our last conversation, I would have told her how much I love her, the sacrifices she made for me and my brother. She continuously prayed for us all the days of her life.   Yoruba proverb will say ‘Orisa bi Iya osi’! There is no one like my mother. Patient to a fault, she was charitable to everyone.


Then there is my Father in law Papa Enoch Falese, the best father in law anyone can hope for, he was so kind, so sweet, so caring, so loving. Sometimes I pick up the phone just to hear him make me laugh. Baba bawo lara? Sara le koko! (how are you, hope you are strong as a lion!) He would always say: Ara o le koko o! (Am not strong at all!) I would then say why!  As if I didn’t know what his response was going to be. ‘It’s this Nigeria my daughter, the government is embezzling all the money!. It always made me laugh.  He was healthy one day and gone the other.


Then there is my childhood friend, Oluwatoyin Tugbiyele Akinmulero who died in her sleep, she was such a gentle soul, always giggling, always cooking, always entertaining. Toyin was the smallest girl in my school in those days, she was in charge of carrying the school flag when we go to the town hall to celebrate Nigerian independence day. I remember when the runner up school were jealous of us taking 1st place and started stoning us.

 Toyin was so small she just rolled into a pot while everyone was running halter skelter!.

So many beautiful people have gone, some young, some old. I miss them all so much, but am also glad that I had the priviledge to share part of their history. I know our departure from one another is just for a short while for we will all meet again on that final glorious day.

We love you all so, so much. Rest at His feet, till we meet never to depart. Ajisafe, Omo olowu odu, Odakata lola olowo se bi toun lanna. Lusiyun, lateleke, gbede ninu ola, lusiyun ,Sunre o!