The Audience Vs Andreena Bogle-Walton!

Behold, children are a heritage from the LORD, the fruit of the womb a reward. Psalm 127:3

Flicking through channels yesterday, I suddenly came across a black beautiful lady holding onto her daughter and followed by 50 people!. The programme is a TV series called ‘The Audience‘ on Channel 4.  I was totally amused about the programme itself, I cannot understand why anyone will let 50 people into their home, shadowing them everywhere they go. The most baffling of all for me is Andreena’s willingness to allow these total strangers to make a critical life changing  decision for her. I suppose she is being paid for the programme or perhaps its one of those make believe programmes.

Like any mother, Andreena is facing the dilemma of where to send her ten year old daughter Renee for her secondary schooling, either to remain with her in inner city London or move to countryside Devon with her Dad and his wife who were expecting there first child.
Personally, I believe the 50 strong people were absolutely wrong in their conclusion to let Renee remain with her mum. Rather than be practical and think of the girls future, they put the mother first, by being sentimental and unrealistic about the issues on ground.
The fact of the matter is that, Andreena left her husband to become a Lesbian.  I still cannot understand what drove her to such extreme decision and to make matters worse, she has had to struggle for acceptance within her community and family. Her dad refuses to acknowledge her for this fact and had to be relocated to another area because of being bullied by homophobic neighbours. To top it all, she and her partner are no more. Which is why she has invited these 50 strangers people. Who decided unreasonably that it will be best for daughter to stay with mum, to compensate her for all she has gone through.
Had they base their decision on the facts, they will have realised that if someone is not happy in themselves or insecure, lonely a child cannot fill that void. In a couple of years the child will grow up, go to university and leave home, what happens to Andreena then?.  With no time to socialise or have time for herself at 31 when she needs it most, she will end up loosing both ways come seven years time when she goes off to university. By that time she will be nearly 40 years old and still single. This is hoping that Renee doesn’t mix with bad company in school, which London schools are notoriously known for, highest rate of teenage pregnancy and drug crimes.
On the other hand if Renee was sent to her Dad, she will have a whole family life, a devoted father, good quality schools and grow up to see what a marital family home is, with sisters and brother’s to come. Unlike living in a single sex home with no father figure. Not to forget if she stays in Devon, it will be like going to boarding school, every holiday she will get to see her mum and Andreena will have the time to pursue whatever it is she desires, be it a relationship or career, enjoying both worlds.
I just hope she thinks it through seriously for the sake of both their futures. May God grant her wisdom to make the right decision.