Help! I have the ‘Queen’s Jubilee Syndrome’

I am so excited about this weekend, already I have got my red jacket, blue jeans, London hat and my flag. All the kids are geared up we have just laminated the Queen’s picture to put up and we are having a barbecue, all just to celebrate her royal Highness 60 years on the throne of her fathers!.

A lot of people can’t understand why I am so patriotic about the royal family coming from an African background, when I ask my friends, what they are doing for the Queens party all I hear is ‘what concerns me!, I am baffled and sometimes have to question myself, am I truly going overboard with my passion for the queen.

But I think I am justified, I love beautiful people it is just my weakness and the Queen is the epitome of beauty, elegance, humility, servitude and grace. Nigerians will say she has an ‘ori apesin’! simply mean she was born to reign, that was her destiny from heaven, why asked by the creator, what is it you want to do on earth? she said ‘I want the whole world to worship me’ and hence the rest is history.  As an African and Spiritualist, Queen Elizabeth fascinates me. She was born to reign, even though according to history no one expected her to reign, after all her father George was not King or thought He could be , however,because it was her destiny, King Edward her fathers brother abdicated his throne for what we call lust of the flesh’ Mrs Simpson!

Causing Queen Elizabeth’s dad to reign, however he died of lung cancer 16 years after and Princess Elizabeth became Queen at the young age of 25, she became the head of the commonwealth and the queen of 16 sovereign states including the Church of England! and  60 years after, she still goes strong.

In her 60 years of being a Queen she has been all around the world in absolute splendour, diamonds, gold, best of the best were bestowed on her anywhere she went, she is the Goddess of the earth, the lifestyle she lives can never be enjoyed by anyone in this earth. From the time of slavery to independence to era of technology.

I remember an European country she went to visit last year, nobody wears suit there, however, the British embassy requested that as protocol or courtesy the banquet night with the queen was a ‘black tie’ occasion.
Everyone had to order suits from abroad, it was so amusing to hear that the BBC world radio interviewed the guests to confirm.

Can you imagine the Queen coming to your house, I will take a month off work, to scrub, clean and refurbish the house!.

She reminds me of God, when I see the queen with all the splendour that surrounds her, her palaces, castles, diamonds, gold etc, I begin to imagine what heaven looks like.

I know people accuse the monarchy of robbing countries of their treasuries, like India and its diamond on the queens crown etc, all I say is if it was not in the hand of the queen, it would have all gone AWOL long time ago.

I admire the monarch for there preservation, it could only be here, can you imagine if a Nigerian royal or just citizen had all the queens asset, they would have sold it and squandered the money with nothing to show for it.

The Queen has continuously revolved with time, always smiling, I lover her beautiful colourful clothes with hats to match(wish she could wear a bra with some lift in it!), her special queenly wave, beautiful, kind and loving, 

She has been kind to all the foreigners mostly from the Commonwealth countries like Nigeria, there is no country like Great Britain.

God bless you Queen Elizabeth may you live to clock 150!

Happy jubilee!

PS: Did you or your children dress up for the day, send us your picture and we will place it on our picture gallery