Sad! Is Beyonce’s booty causing ‘butt shot’ vanity craze?video

With the recent global headline news of the 53 yr star Flasher Madonna being glorified for revealing her boobs has made me wonder whether Technology is more of a cause than a blessing when it comes to raising young minds. As a woman, wife and mother, I am constantly shocked and worried about those whom the media showcase as ‘role models’, stars, and heroes. How these young children copy everything they see on TV.!

The way she was (left) and showing off her curves (right)

The fine line between fact and fantasy, reality and fallacy has been eroded with the entrance of the
‘silent destroyer’ called Technology, Internet, video games. With it came sites for DIY suicides, sites to create a bomb, porn sites, violent game sites, chat rooms. The lovely youtube, facebook, which is recently been named as the root cause of may broken homes. etc.

The consequences of this is becoming more and more harmful for the family and society as a whole. More and more young teens and adults are uncomfortable of the way they look, why because of the constant false idea published in tabloids of what an ‘ideal woman’ should be like.


A size zero, big boobs, blinding white teeth, thick lips, flat tummy, wrinkle free, cellulite free and with a big Beyonce booty. To make matters worse, there is a supply market for all these things,be it  professionally done or done by quack doctors!

Claudia Aderotimi

This week we have read about the ‘Asian sex gang‘ who tragedy young girls as young as 9, groom them and sexually exploited them by piling them with alcohol. Then is the ‘butt shot’ mostly black girls getting injection shots to increase the size of their backsides!.  I still don’t understand the logic behind this, why would anyone want a huge bottom that will hardly fit any trouser and definitely a traffic stopper, drawing attention for the wrong reasons. Sadly a Nigerian student Claudia Aderotimi died when her butt was filled with cement!.

What is this world coming to? What is the government doing about this and what is the community doing about all this, all the reason why I am definitely sending my kids to Nigeria, at least they will not be surrounded with this false identity that at the end will lead to destruction.

This week Curvy Vanity Wonder, who has spent around £10,000 ($15,000) on the injections – known as “butt shots” – details her experiences in the new book Shot Girls.

Wonder, whose measurements are an astonishing 34-23-45, has thankfully lived to tell the tale after spending five years plumping up her posterior with injections that are banned in America and the UK.
watch the video and let me know your thoughts!