Prince Harry and Usain Bolt

One thing I have come to realise on my journey of life is that excellence is a magnet that attracts from all around the globe, kings, Presidents, Dignitaries, the  crème de la crème of society.

Excellence is colour blind, cannot be discriminated against, whether you like it or not, you just have to like him or her who has the crown of Excellence on their head.

They are visionaries, innovators, inspirational, they are always courageous, risk takers, audacious, they are unique in their style.
Meet Usain Bolt, the fastest man on earth, I just love the guy!, Have you noticed  that this once unknown young chap from Jamaica is now the best seeked for man both on track field and off the field. His style, His thunder style poise, his swagger is just truly unique. The picture of him and Prince Harry in Jamaica, reminds me that anything is possible to him who believe. The BUT however is, for people to recognise you, you have to be the best at your game.

Another similar black person is DBanj!, the Koko Master,  (Ok. I am D’banj. Or Skibanj like my Jamaican friends call me, also once also a Londoner) His touch of excellence and entrepreneurship Spirit has far surpassed any other Nigerian, he has continuously like Job Stevens, broken boundaries and risen higher than any other, his vision, his innovative spirit to go through untested grounds and create mind boggling projects, from Koko mansion,to Uncle Snoop, to Kanye west, or his Oliver twist you tube sensation, using all avenues available Dbanj has caused the young and the old to love him and that’s all the way to US of A!.  I am truly in awe of these 2 young fine men and I just pray that my children and you my readers will be blessed with the Spirit of Excellence to have that unique key combination that nobody else has but you.

As a foreigner in Diaspora it will be a great tragedy if when it is time to go back home to retire, we find ourselves languishing behind, God forbid! in an old peoples home like a lot of Baba London’s and Mama London’s!. They have  
missed the boat, lost their chance and cant meet up with the people they left behind back home. I see so many old people that it saddens my heart, unable to go back to their motherland.

So wake up my friend, smell the coffee, dream big, talk big, network, have goals and with determination make them come through. The best of the best is what the world wants.

I beg make una show your face! 

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