Who will hear their cry!

The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?Jer17:9

As I write this blog tears rolling down my cheeks, my heart torn into pieces, sadness fills my soul. How can it be, how could man be so wicked, how could a woman stoop so low to become an animal without conscious. Is the Holy book really true when it says the heart of man is desperately wicked, full of evil beyond measure, beyond comprehension. Can they really be human, or evil re-incarnate,vile, despicable with their souls sold to Lucifer himself, destined for the eternal furnace.

To the non Nigerian reading this, this is what happens in Nigeria, it is called ‘ritual killing’. Human sacrifice where victims are killed for their blood and sometimes body parts taken for ritualistic offerings to appease the ‘Gods’.  It is unimaginable here in the west and I know when I tell my friends here in London they think I am making it up. Well here is the proof.

This Barbaric act is taken out of greed, vanity and insecurity. They are in desperate need of money, yet cannot work for it, so the voodoo priest promises them the ‘riches of this world’ if they can bring a human sacrifice.  Here is an innocent young baby girl not more than 2-3 months, her hands bound with ropes, her heart and organs yanked out and her mouth filled with filth. All for money, all for power. Senseless killing

How can this happen in a civilized, democratic, religious country like Nigeria. Well I throw the question to the Nigerians reading this, it is totally beyond my understanding. I know that the baby’s soul is resting in peace.  I can only hand over the culprits over to her creator, to do as He pleases with them.

I hope the Nigerian government will take a serious look and take action against this ‘ritual killing’ business and perhaps raise an inquiry into how this could be squashed and eradicated.

Nigeria is a beautiful country, it is my homeland.  I can only pray that the Lord will raise people up who will have a burden for God’s lost and voiceless children to stand and be their voice.

God bless Nigeria!
May the soul of all the lost souls snatched away by these ritual killings RIP