Nigerians caught selling ‘Rat meat’ in London market! video

Jesus answered, “It is written: ‘Man does not live on bread alone..Mathew 4:4

Lately Nigerians have been put under scrutiny for the taste of their delicacy and preference to sell and purchase contraband illegal food stuff, from rats, rodents to insects and bush meat.

As a Nigerian I was brought up in Lagos eating all these delicacies, such as ‘abodi’ goats head, smoked meat etc, and this was and still is a rich mans food!. So I see why this mentality has been carried over to Europe. However, under the health and safety regulations has been classified as dangerous and deadly to humans as to being a carrier of virus and deadly diseases.

Still Nigerians sell them illegally in their food shops, risking long prison sentences for a few pounds. as if it is a matter of ‘if I don’t eat it I will die’. Nigerians still seek out sellers to satisfy their appetite.

Many Nigerians abroad before they hit 40 years are near obese, with layers of fat round their necks, thunder thighs, pot bellied, a 30 year old woman looking as if she is seven months pregnant. If you meet them in parties just check out their food plate, you will think famine is coming round tomorrow.  The way they eat and pile on red meat is truly alarming.

A country which is health conscious and teaches you the necessity to eat fruits, vegetables, roughage’s and exercise daily has hit death ears when it comes to Nigerians.

From home to driving to work, eating fried food for breakfast, lunch high in carbohydrate and night time another batch of carbohydrates and fat. Most diet is high in cholesterol, you see them breathing heavily, to climb the stairs is wahala!. 

Worse thing is they develop high blood pressure, diabetes and go to the church for prayers saying the doctor says they have just few months to live!. Well dah!  Do they really need prayer or serious fasting!.

Sadly the bush meat sellers in Hackney will have to bear the consequences and brute hand of Her Majesty’s judgement.!