Fatwa: acid on any woman using a cell phone

Time and time again we have seen men using religion as an instrument of oppression on the weak and vulnerable, last week I talked about Nigerian Christian churches milking the poor for every dime under the pretence of paying ‘tithes’. While I do not disagree with the act of charity required from every human being, be it financially, kind acts or serving. I totally find it appalling that the Spiritual leaders whom are called to ‘serve’ like Jesus did by laying down His life, are the ‘vampires’ who suck the vulnerable of their lifeline to sustain there luxury life. From million dollar properties, estates, to private jets and luxury cars.

Husband abuse
Today we read of another ‘abuse of power’ and the easy target women!. A Fatwa was announced that an failure for women to westernise themselves will lead to disfigurement and more likely to have acid poured on them. There has been a steady increase of acid attack on women over the past couple of years, mostly from jealous husbands now its the men clerics. So, so sad!  read more