Africans shun crisis-hit West for jobs back home -CNN watch video


For decades, many African countries saw some of their most skilful young people take their talents to other parts of the world, lured by the financial prospects outside the continent.

But lately, as much of Europe continues to shrink under the weight of austerity, an increasing number of Africans are turning their backs on cash-strapped western economies to return to their continent, seeking jobs and new economic opportunities.

One of these returnee Africans — known as “repats” — is Nigerian Joshua Egba. The 33-year-old financial consultant left the West African country a decade ago to continue his studies in London, UK.
“Things weren’t really happening in Nigeria in about 2002,” he says. “People were going to the UK for better opportunities.”
But this picture changed completely in 2008, Egba notes, when the global financial crisis hit Britain, bringing with it a feeling of fear and job insecurity. read more