What I have learnt so far at 58!

It’s amazing how you see life @58. Nothing is new, nothing is unheard of, money is good and indeed very, very good however, good health is better, mental wellbeing is mandatory, family and good friends are paramount but LOVE.. well that’s the bomb!.


Nah that journey I dey so my people, so catch-up and let’s meet at the top!..CE la vie

When you get to 51, all other years become mundane until you hit another milestone, at least thats the case for me. I actually thought I was 58 when I was actually 57, so now when I actually hit 58 it was no biggie. I actually forgot my birthday!. I was only reminded of it a day to my birthday.

When you get to 50 and over, I reckon for most people that will be more than half your years on earth gone!. It makes one reflect on years spent and treat every other year ahead as precious as gold. Things that bother you before become, irrelevant, mundane or just no big deal.

In my five decades on Earth, I have realized one thing, LIVE YOUR LIFE FOR YOU. DO YOU. as they say!.

When I was young, , it Its all about ‘what people will say’. what your parents will say, what your pastor says, living to please others.

When you are 50+ you quickly discover ‘your life is your life’ , you are the captain of your ship, you are the steerer of your life. It’s ALL about YOU. Taking after ME, MYSELF AND I.

You’ve got to do that 1st to look after others, being at peace with yourself. Loving yourself, caring for yourself, making sure you live in happiness and peace.

At 50+ your health and mental wellbeing is paramount. I will be taking you through my routine of how I keep fit mentally and physically.

Life was created for YOU to enjoy and appreciate. I truly appreciate every day I wake up living in the NOW. Lately I have taken up biking and it’s been wonderful. Just getting daily fresh air in the park, it clears my mind, bring me close to nature to appreciate all things bright, small, beautiful that God made.

I appreciate people that God has brought my way, my family and friends too. At 58years all I want to do is impact lives, travel round the world, eat beautiful food, meet many awesome people doing wonders around the world. Appreciating mother earth and all it’s got to offer so when I get to my maker HE can say my child ‘you do well”!.

Happy birthday to me!