Who wants to be a millionaire?

Who wants to be a millionaire? A million dollar question. Or should the question be who does’nt want to be a millioanire!. Yet the reality of acquiring a million pounds sterling in liquidity, where you can write a cash of One million pounds and it is hounoured by your bankers is a rarerity to most including myself!.

Yet there is a small percentage to whom £1million is like £100!. I saw this myself this week as I was privilege to crew for a millionaire club who were holding a conference called ‘millionaire mind’. I now believe the yoruba proverb that says, ‘eni ti o ba mo ibi ti egbe ohun ti la, o ma sare ku ni’!. Simply put it is not hard you work but how smart you work.

I have also have easy it is for the rich to become richer and for the poor to become poorer, why is this? It is because our thinking is far apart on all levels. The way the rich reasons is totally different from the masses, who are thought to be dogmatic in everything, study work hard, retire and get a pension. The more you work the more you pay taxes and the fatter the government purse, making them happy to spend the money you worked for.

Worse of all is Foreigners and Immigrants abroad. We are milked of all the money we have, the bills, the travel cost, food, clothes and also on our addiction to spending on material things, how can a lady buy a bag for £2,500, ‘owanbe’ lace £1,500,  yet they don’t own a house, a pension or any assets at all. Or the brother living in a council flat yet buys the top of the range Mercedes Benz and then borrows money for petrol.! living from one pay check to another.

The Rich Millionaire however, offsets everything as an expense towards his taxes, so the car he drives, the house he lives, the bills, his food all are counted as expenses. Rather than pay 40% tax like the PAYE does, they pay no tax for they have no profit to declare!.

This week I met people like John Lee and Tan yang Po, property moguls
Andrew Lock, Simon Williams, Marco Kozlowski, Marcus de Maria tech gurus whom are all down to earth people sharing their wealth creation passion and desperate to help others. Billionaire’s like Oprah are hard to find in black women

What bother’s me most however, is that millionaire club is getting bigger with younger people mostly of non-Africans. Perhaps we are looking at the wrong places, going the long way while the others go in the quicker route. Sitting at the millionaires club conference and listening to one speaker after the other, I realized that at mid forty this is my 1st time of hearing so many things, that you don’t have to save to buy properties like our parents thought us, you can use other peoples money, build your credit, get a credit card or 2 and purchase properties below market value. Or the technology business where you create 1 or 2 things and sit and watch as money comes in passively!. eBook, affiliating marketing, stock market, Forex, properties, licensing, intellectual property, outsourcing etc.

This week 29 Facebook creator became the youngest billionaire all through internet. It is never too late and as an African I believe it is time for us all to wake up and smell the coffee, we cant be complacent and sit on or behinds and do nothing. Our brothers and sisters in Nigeria, In Ghana, in Senegal and all over Africa are running faster than we are because they are aware of the competition, unlike us who get a 25 mortgage and think we have arrived. Have to work for a year to go visit our family, friends at home and then paint a false picture that we are rich.

However, if we are not careful we will become Mama London, Daddy London who has been here 50 years and still cannot to home because they have nothing to show. That will not be our lot in Jesus name.
It is about time we wake up from our slumber, smell the coffee and see what others are doing legitimately to acquire wealth, think smart, work wisely, enough cleaning job, enough security job, enough care workers. Its time to become property moguls, entrepreneurs, tech-wiz, innovators. Do what it takes, move with people from different nations, open your eyes, study if need be, volunteer if need be. We have to become millionaires before we leave this country. How many years will it take you to get there, that is the question for this year 2012. I have seen 11 year old millionaires, a boy who created a game app on iPhone and voila! the rest is history.

I strongly urge that you strive to get your child the best education, buy them tablets, laptops, iPhone, get them hooked on their passion, develop there creative minds, what are they reading, where are they going, let them know it is expected of them to become young millionaires, even to save the world from poverty, to increase the gospel, to do anything in this world you will need money. This 2012 it will abode in our houses, we will be its master and friend and not its enemy or slave.To have role models like the 14 year old Damon Williams

lastly work smartly and wisely.

PS: if you live in the UK or USA volunteer to crew for one of these millionaire conventions, it will definitely open your eyes.

till another time!

your sister with love