Adewale Ayuba Beaten to a pulp for Arriving at Performance Venue Late!. True or false..

Knowing Nigeria and its jungle judgement this could be true story. Can you imagine Beyonce turning up 3hrs late for her stage show performance and to be beaten to stupor by angry fans!. Yep this is the celebrity norm in the western world, its always expected that stars don’t keep to time. If they do then they are really not famous enough.

I suppose poor Ayuba must think he is still in USA!. The poor guy got beaten mercilessly by ‘baba olowo’ guards, this was because Ayuba turned up a couple of hours late to a party he was suppose to be playing for, anyway the celebrant must have been upset and wanted to teach the star a lesson, he must have thanked his lucky stars to come out of the ordeal alive!.  This is a ‘I hear story’ but anything is possible in the ‘green, white, green’ country. You be the judge:)


Foremost Fuji singer, Adewale Ayuba got more than what he bargained for today when he was allegedly beaten to stupor by Mopol for attending a party a which he was billed to perform late.
According to, reports emerging from the ancient city that the top Ibadan socialite who engaged Adewale to perform got his Mobile Police to teach him a lesson about punctuality.
As the Bonsue Fuji Crooner stepped into the venue, he was apprehended by the Mopol and beaten blue black but for the guests who pleaded on his behalf, he would have been lynched.
Meanwhile, it is yet to be confirmed if he eventually performed or not.