My niece is getting married!


Such days like this I remember the great legend Jazz singer Louis Armstrong and his beautiful song. ‘what a wonderful world’.
This world is so beautiful, full with beautiful people, the babies who were once young with diapers have now become old enough to marry before our eyes. I am always in awe of the Sovereign, omniscient, intelligent designer of this world, who composed, orchestrated and directs this beautiful symphony we call our world. The beauty, the splendour, the magnificence of His awesomeness is all around us. I just cant believe my Little niece who was born right before my eyes, is now getting married! and can you believe they even have a website for it! never happened in my time, all this picture set, storylines, effects!
I remember….
well where should I start from… When she was born, she was so little and to make it even worse she didn’t like food at all and I do mean at all!.  So her mum and my sister being hyper on every level unlike me the calm one, decided to take her to see the Harley street doctors and if you live in London or aware of the name, you will know this is where the crème de la crème went to, the likes of Beck hams, the royals etc. Anyway they tested her, did all the checks and said she was absolutely fine, she was healthy just one of those kids who don’t like food we should perhaps encourage her by giving her boiled eggs.!

I remember this as if it was yesterday, we put her on my kitchen table, boiled the egg, mashed it and asked her to open her mouth, would she..No!, so we forced her mouth open push the egg in, will she swallow it, absolutely not!. The egg was in her mouth, mouth open and we were both begging her. ‘Ope eat now’  and her mum being overly motherly will start crying, ‘ Ope pls, eat now’. I would laugh and laugh and tell her, ‘why don’t you just leave her alone, she doesn’t like food abi ‘. This must be like 15yrs ago.

 There was the time, I went to Nigeria to visit my mum and stayed over to catch up with my sister, her mum, Ope was still so small perhaps 6 or 7 years then, I called her by a very special name! (not saying it!). When I called her the name she will shout with excitement, with the whitest teeth I have ever seen. Anyway as I was chatting to her mum, she pointed out that she wanted to return to London with me, so jokingly I said, ‘you know you are very small, so there will be no problem, make sure you are around when am going and I will put you in my suitcase so no one will notice’!.  My God!, she remembered and the day I was about to leave she started screaming and shouting, I have to put her in the box, pulling the box, trying to open it. Ha-ha!

I remember when she was a teenager, this time around she became, impeccably health conscious, of germs!, contagious diseases, she will always stay in her room only coming out when her lesson teachers came round. When she eats, if you mistakenly use her fork, she will stylishly get another, you are not allowed to touch her things and by then goodness me as if there was a pump in her backside, she was growing taller and taller by the day. My biggest worry I said to her mum, this girl that is growing taller and taller when is she going to stop, there is not a lot of tall people around!

But today…

She has grown into the most beautiful, graceful, Godly lady I am truly proud of, her vocabulary is impeccable, she now speaks Yankee English, the last time I spoke to her I couldn’t understand her, I said to her sister Bisola, what did she say. With her ‘Oh my God’ twang!

She sure has made us all proud, a fully qualified auditor with Proctor and Gamble(Ithink!) and marrying the most handsome tall guy, whom looks like her twin brother!. God bless you both. Looking through their website, the lovely pictures, am truly excited and I say.

Thank you God for blessing me with a niece like Opeoluwa!

Here we come Nigeria!