California man found stuck in tree trunk!


Wonders never end, there are some things that I thought were limited to my homeland Nigeria, until I read the bible and found similar cases, now it has happened in US of A. Yoruba call it ‘Egbe!‘ you stamp one feet on the ground and you say  ‘egbe transfer me to New York’ even when you are in London, mystical powers transport you instantly.  That is unless it malfunctions and you get stuck in a tree!.
Well, this is what happened in the LAGUNA HILLS, Calif., police responding to reports of someone screaming for help, discovered a man stuck inside the hollow trunk of a standing tree!.

Battalion Chief Kris Concepcion of the Orange County Fire Authority said only the man’s head and arms were visible and it took 90 minutes to retrieve the equipment necessary to cut him free. Firefighters were called to the scene to check the man’s mental health.  “Why he’s in a tree, I have no idea,” Concepcion said It is unknown how long the man was stuck in the tree, and he was freed without suffering any injuries, the Los Angeles Times reported.


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