Scandal: Fitz and Olivia!.. Is this really Love, Obsession or really destruction. An African man cant do this o! watch clip

Thou shalt never lust after, desire your friends or enemies wife, or worse of all have sex with them! . Deut 5:21

At the moment I am totally addicted to the TV series ‘Scandal’ which here in UK the series one has just finished, this is an American Political thriller starring a black lady as the leading role Kerry Washington. Kerry plays Olivia Pope who is dedicated to helping people in crises, which is what leads her into the white house to help Governor Fitz Grant win the ticket to the white House, seeing him become The President of United States and during the process, well they fall in love with each other and for me I think the ‘White’ President is addicted to Olivia’s ‘Brown skin’!. In fact he is more in love with Olivia than vice visa!.

Unlike an African man, whom I really think is incapable of loving one woman to a point of obsession, this kind of situation will definitely be classed as a ‘bewitched syndrome’, black magic, juju, voodoo, love spell. Perhaps a love powder you rub on the face before you meet the man, or love salt you put in his food, or even drastic things I cannot mention which makes the man paralyzed to the woman’s beck and call!
Every week the Obsession gets stronger and stronger that you can just imagine where this will lead too, definitely nothing good can come out of this, it will surely lead to destruction. Its something about ‘forbidden love’ extra marital affairs’ fornication or simply put adultery. I have come to realise that as human nature is anything you illegally take, steal ALWAYS tastes nicer than what you possess yourself. 
Perhaps its the fact that you know you shouldn’t be doing this than makes it more enjoyable, the fact that it is endangering, you steal the opportunity to have it and the fact that it is not yours to keep makes it more palatable and most certainly will lead to nothing good.

Perhaps this is why the good book says in the 7th Commandment ‘thou shalt not commit adultery’. Not that you wont enjoy the act but that the consequence of that temporal high, satisfaction is permanent destruction, not just of you but all that surround you.

As an African woman, I am thinking has Olivia visited a Nigerian herbalist that has given her some strong love portion. haha!, cause this is not ‘oju lasan’ something natural o!. If it is natural perhaps the love is shacking them because it is a stolen love and wont last.

I still insist though an African man is incapable of loving like this, or whats your take on this? watch video and comment!

Click and watch…I Belong to you!