65-Year Old Grandma Arrested for Cocaine trafficking!

I can only imagine that this old lady was either blackmailed or have a life and death situation at hand for her to do such an atrocious crime at her age. Not that I am justifying her crime, which is definitely no excuse, I am trying to figure out the logic behind this stint. Unless God forbid it was her kids who set her up or her employer, promising her a trip to the great United Kingdom to see the queen and enjoy!.

All I always say, is whatever you plant you will reap and in the same portion, life is a boomerang, cause what goes round will surely come back at you sooner than you thing. A life of greed always lead to destruction.


65 year old mother of six, and a grandmother to many, was on Wednesday arrested for alleged drug trafficking.
Hassan Fatimat Abike, was reported to be ready to board a British Airways plane at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport in Lagos, southwest Nigeria, when she was arrested with substances suspected to becocaine.
Fate was said to have caught up with her during the screening of British Airways passengers to London. Thecocaine found in her possession was packed in balloons and prepared into the shape of the plastic bottles. It was also wrapped in black polythene inside 10 plastic bottles of local herbal mixtures. And each bottle was neatly sealed to avoid suspicion.
Investigations revealed that she is also known as Chika Okoye and speaks Yoruba and Ibo fluently.