Is this man really a husband or an animal? Butcher’s wife alive! picture

Why is it that women are always on the receiving end of men?, the Muslim men  will cover them up head to toe with a burqa because of their inability to control their sexuality. The Christians likewise but in a more subtle manner. ‘Obey your husband’! forgetting that it said before that ‘man love your wife as Jesus loves the Church’. Women according to statistics are the less paid when compared to men.

Women are stoned to death in some countries for adultery, while men are allowed to go scot free.  An African wife is expected to stick it through even if the husband is a mad man, using the wife as a punching bag daily.!. Oh ‘stay there because of your kids’ that’s what you will hear. I heard India is even worse, the mother in-law could pour kerosene on you and burn you alive if they are not happy with you and if the husband things you are not sexually active enough, well YOU have to provide an alternative if you don’t want to be thrown out of your marital house, which is a taboo and abomination to the brides family.  What a sad life! I still cant for the life of me think why a man then will want to become a woman, talking about transvestites and transsexuals!. That is for another day:)

Anyway, here is another horrible story about marital abuse in the home, I guess the woman was not loyal to the husband and this is what her deserved punishment is. Is this really a man or a beast that needs to be put down like a mad dog that has gone on rampage.  I hope this man rots in jail on earth and spends eternity in hell!. (forgive me Lord!)