Happy Birthday!

My Precious Princess is 9 years old! I just cant believe it where the time flies to, perhaps its got invisible wings which no one can see. I remember a time I went for a temp job in the city with an investment bank somewhere by waterloo station, it was lunch time and my first day at the job, so I went for a walk and came accross this Old beautiful Cathedral, I went in and it was so beautiful, I went straight to the front altar and knelt down in prayer, asking God to bless me with a child, after 3 years in marriage and no child. As an African, this is a major big deal!, I guess the vicar thought I needed more space and said to me quietly, ‘ma’am there is a private prayer room if you will like some privacy’.

Time flies, here I am now celebrating my precious Tabitha, Oluwa-mayowa(God brought me joy!)she was the tiniest baby with mighty long legs!. Thats all the nurses kept saying, oh my what a mighty Long leg you have(sounds like red and the wolf!). She look’s more like her dad than me but she has my temperament, loving, gentle heart, always smiling. Just like her mum.

I remembered the 2nd week she was born, she looked cross eyed and her neck was wobbly, I said to my husband, do you think this baby is normal?

she looks cross eyed to me and we dont have that in my side of the family(an african saying!)do they have in yours?

He said definitely not! Why is her head wobbly is shouldnt be so all my families heads are definitely screwed on. So off we both went to the Doctor, she laughed so hard and said the baby is only 2 weeks, what were we expecting!, I guess we were new at it. Let me know if you had such an experience as well or a similar 1st time parent story. God bless the children of the world!